Author of crime thrillers Sunbeam, Family Business, Catalyst, The Murder of Miss Perfect and Blood on Shakespeare's Typewriter

Mark Eklid

A combination of love, murder, missing fingers and the   ever-present typewriter make it one of the best books      I’ve read for quite some time.

Bestselling author Anita Waller, review of Blood on Shakespeare’s Typewriter

the stories so far

Blood on Shakespeare's Typewriter

A bargain buy turns out to be deadly dangerous because of the crucial secrets it contains.


The campaigner and the politician are set on a collision course, as the danger of an environmental disaster looms.

Family Business

The past catches up with Graham Hasselhoff and not only does it change his present, it puts his future in danger.

The Murder of Miss Perfect

There is a high price to pay when a retired former detective tries to get to the bottom of a three-year-old mystery.


How far would you be prepared to go to save a friend? John Baldwin finds that it can mean you have to risk everything.