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Family Business

Family historian Graham Hasselhoff thought there were no skeletons in his cupboard. That is, until the day he met the son he never knew he had.
Getting to know Andreas, who is now the boss of a road haulage firm, soon leads him to a trail of arson, beatings, mysterious warnings – and murder.
Can his son really be behind this deadly business?
Graham has to quickly work out if Andreas is an impetuous eccentric – or a dangerously ruthless criminal.
Published on June 3 2020


John Baldwin has been on a downward spiral to self-destruction since the day he witnessed the murder of his best friend, Stef. It has cost him his marriage, his business and his dignity.
One year on from the day that turned his world upside down, he sees Stef again. John fears he has finally lost his mind but Stef is there to pull his friend back from the brink, not tip him over it. He offers John a fresh start; a new destiny.
John rebuilds his life. He has everything again but there is a price to pay. The killer is still on the loose and Stef wants revenge.

reviews for sunbeam

“A plot that is so full of unexpected twists and turns that the reader is left guessing until the final page.”

Derbyshire Life magazine

“This was a cracking read.”

Andy Angel, book blog review

“Eklid tells a good tale and the smooth writing had me racing through the book to see what was going to happen next.”

Colman Keane, Reedsy Discovery review

“Don’t worry about what genre it is, it sits across many. Just read it and enjoy.”

Marilyn Pemberton, author

“Sunbeam is an excellent first novel. The writing was superb; wordsmithery at its best.”

Ralph Jones, author

“A massive five stars from me, loved it.”

Anita Waller, author

“Sunbeam had me from page one right through to the ending, which left me wondering… for days.”

Moira Hodgkinson, author

“More twists and turns than a Scalextric race track and couldn’t wait to get to the end to find out what happens.”

Clare Naylor, Amazon review

“This is not just a novel that provides a great read, but one that will make you think beyond the last page.”

Tracy Holmes, Amazon review

“What a fantastic book – up there as mainstream and could easily compete with Linwood Barclay and the like.”

V G Wilcox, Amazon review

“Highly original novel – completely unpredictable and a definite page-turner.”

Kathy Eccles, Amazon review

“One of the best books I’ve read in a very long time.”

Harris, Amazon review


Family Business was an awesome, unique novel that I could wrap up with the word ‘unexpected’. It is definitely strange but there is relatability, which makes this such a compelling read.”

Jessica Belmont, book blog review

“The only thing that could make it better would be for it to last longer. I didn’t want it to end.”

J A Walsh, Amazon review

“Seemingly random events, memories and observations all come together in the gripping finale, of what I would class as a very superior novel.”

Ralph Jones, author

“Page-turning and gripping – read it now, you won’t regret it.”

Moira Hodgkinson, author

“So many thrillers these days promise readers a twist that they will not see coming and then don’t deliver on that promise. Well, believe me, this story has a genuinely shocking twist that I most definitely didn’t see coming.”

Nicki Richards, book blog review

“This book is a lovely interlude to real life, even though it feels pretty real in the book!”

V G Wilcox, Amazon review

“I had read Mark’s previous novel, Sunbeam. That was a very good and well written tale – this is even better.”

Andy Angel, book blog review

“Fantastic descriptive writing, bringing all the characters and locations to life.”

Duckie, Amazon review

“A totally original story that has a lot of dark humour in it. I truly enjoyed my time with Family Business.”

Sharon Rimmelzwaan, book blog review

“The writing is inviting and it’s a cleverly plotted story with some nice twists and Eklid led me up the garden path once or twice.”

Alex Jones, Amazon review

“I am stumped! All I can say is this book is strange, weird, different, yet relatable, interesting and entertaining. I enjoyed it a lot!”

Rajiv’s Reviews, book blog review

“I enjoyed the time I spent with Family Business.”

Pamela Scott, book blog review